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Technology and user expectations move at the speed of light. Developments in mobile and tablet computing and changes in the way our customers use the web means we must move quickly to keep up.

If you haven’t updated or redesigned your website in the last three years, you’re in danger of being eclipsed by your competitors.

At Base Creative we have just released our latest website with a focus on speed, usability and mobile friendliness.

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Case Study

Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film School logo

By redesigning Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film School’s website to be quick to load, simple to use and mobile friendly, we increased their conversions by two thirds. The website’s users also stayed on the site for 17% longer and increased engagement by a tenth.

Leave your competition in the shade with a responsive redesign

Ensuring that your site is quick to load, simple to use and mobile friendly will have a positive impact on your customers, increasing engagement and conversions.