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Paid Search

Paying Google to display your advert at the top of their search results brings a galaxy of additional visitors to your website. It's called Pay Per Click, because you only pay Google if a user clicks on your link.

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How many visitors does Paid Search generate?
Paid Search generates 113,300,000 visits per year
And how much do these visitors cost?
Visitors cost £0.83 on average
So how many of those visitors become customers?
Paid Search generates 3,500,000 new customers per year
Discovered something interesting?
Save your journey now so that anything you learn can be accesed by one click.

Say hello to new customers for just £ each

In the sector visitors become customers* meaning that each new customer costs just £.

Paid Search campaign success

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Base Creative ran a Paid Search campaign for Crafted People to increase signups for their newly launched website. Visitors increased by 98.5% after just one week, and the number of those visitors becoming customers each week is an impressive 19.2%.

Paid Search brings high quality leads to your site for a fraction of the cost of other methods