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Email Marketing

Email marketing is a personalised way to offer new services and enhance your relationship with existing customers. It can be very good value and enables you to target specific customers and accurately monitor your Return on Investment.

95% of online consumers use email1, and 44% of marketing email recipients made at least one purchase last year through a promotional email2.

1 10 Must Know Email Marketing Stats 2014
2 15 Email Statistics That Are Shaping The Future

How many people could I convert through an email campaign?

The average open rate across all sectors is 22%, with 3.5% of those users clicking through to a website

See your sector's average conversion rate by selecting a sector below:

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Here’s an email campaign we’re proud of:

Over the past three years we have run a regular targeted email marketing campaign on behalf of one of our clients. We’ve achieved an average open rate of over 35% and a click through rate of an astronomical 19%, well above industry standards.

How do people read emails?

Remember - it's important to cater for mobile email users in the same way as you would when building a responsive website.

It’s not just about sending lots of emails

Your emails need to be creative, relevant to the recipient, personalised, timely and integrated into an overall campaign.

You’ll do best if you’ve thought carefully about what you write and how you write it, as well as using qualified leads.